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Lakeland re-launches master of education program


Lakeland re-launches master of education program

Lakeland University has launched a new Master of Education (M.Ed.) program that provides course content for teachers focusing on the needs of today’s students and school districts.

The program includes 18 core credits, most of which can be completed through professional development offerings.

“Today’s teachers have to juggle a complex environment that includes assessment, academic standards, technology, curriculum design and college/career readiness,” said John Yang, professor of education and director of Lakeland’s Center for Teacher Excellence. “The changes we have made to our Master of Education program will allow teachers to take coursework relevant to their students and help them develop professionally.”

Lakeland’s program is designed to fit into the busy lifestyle of today’s educators. Courses are available 100% online with real time interaction or online for access when students have time. The thesis has been replaced with an action research project tailored to an educator’s practical research needs and interests.

The Lakeland M.Ed. also addresses a challenge faced by state high schools who have a shortage of teachers to teach Concurrent Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) courses, which are popular with college-bound students.

Lakeland graduate students can complete an academic emphasis area of 18 credits through Lakeland’s Center for Advanced Disciplinary Studies (CADS). CADS provides graduate-level coursework in a specific content area at a discounted tuition rate to allow teachers to earn the credentials to teach CAPP courses.

“For those teachers with a master’s degree in education but not a content area, completing these 18 graduate credits will qualify them to teach CAPP courses,” Yang said. “For those without a master’s degree, they can complete the 18 credits, transfer them into the M.Ed. program and become qualified to teach CAPP courses.”

In the last several years, Lakeland has implemented a graduate-level initiative with the Sheboygan Area School district – the Teacher Development Institute (TDI). This initiative provides graduate-level professional development coursework for SASD teachers.

Those teachers can complete 12 of the 18 core credits for the M.Ed. through professional development offerings, ensuring that teachers are completing courses related to their professional needs and the needs of their school district. All courses taken through TDI can be transferred into the M.Ed. program.

Yang said Lakeland is interested in developing a similar program with any interested school districts.

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