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LU Launch leaders to present during statewide event

LU Launch leaders to present during statewide event


LU Launch leaders to present during statewide event

Representatives from Launch: Lakeland University’s Student-Run Businesses will discuss this new LU initiative as part of a virtual program featuring the state’s three universities with student-run businesses.

The free virtual event, set for November 12 from 3-4 p.m., is open to anyone. It will especially allow students to learn more about the advantages of getting involved in a student-run business.

“Work. Learn. Lead. Wisconsin Student-Run Businesses” will also include presentations from the student-run businesses at Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The goal of the program is to show how SRBs aim to shape the future of higher education and positively impact society by preparing the next generation of experientially practiced leaders.

Free registration for the event is available by visiting this link.

The event will feature how each of the three SRBs operate, innovate, prosper and are part of a collaborative network at the cutting edge of education.

Launch: Lakeland Student-Run Businesses offers paid on- and off-campus experiential learning and small business management opportunities. Students are empowered to create, develop, manage and lead Lakeland-owned business ventures within five divisions: Hospitality, Merchandise, Property Management & Land Development, Nonprofit and Develop U.

Members of Launch presenting at the event include:

  • Amanda Brandt, chief marketing officer
  • Brian Brickham, president, property management & land development
  • Emily Bringer, event planner
  • Curtiss Dokey, chief strategy & innovation officer
  • Sydney Pingitore, president, merchandising

Learn more about Launch at its website.