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Launch Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Launch Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary


Launch Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Earlier this month, Launch: Lakeland Student-Run Businesses celebrated its two-year anniversary. Launch’s businesses position LU students to pursue developing the well-rounded skillset that today’s employers are seeking.

Launch would like to thank past and present team members, clients, customers, board of advisors’ members and Lakeland University community members who have filled the past two years with success.

Since beginning the student-run businesses in 2020, Launch has started and currently operates five successful businesses. This includes Musko’s Campus Shop, Elementastic, Develop U, Non-Profit and Event Planning.

In the second year of operations, Launch hired more than 80 student employees through five different businesses, provided more than $50,000 in wage relief to local non-profits and has set up Launch for financial success through strategic budget planning.

Launch Chief Executive Officer John Putnam said, “We have built upon the firm foundation set by our founding team, and we continue to press forward to accomplish our goals and set new ones. Launch’s third year will be our best yet with the continuation of our current businesses, implementation of new procedures and possibly even starting a new business. I am excited to see the continuation of innovation within Launch.”

Launch is proud of all the businesses accomplishments thus far and excited to continue to develop the expansion of experiential and entrepreneurial learning at Lakeland.

To learn more about Launch business ventures or its impact on students, visit Launch’s webpage.