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Pro-Year Program at Lakeland University

Pro-Year Program at Lakeland University


Pro-Year Program at Lakeland University

Lakeland University is proud to offer an innovative Pro-Year program in collaboration with its award-winning Cooperative Education program. Pro-Year is a great option for students who are navigating important times of transition, whether that be determining next steps following high school graduation or entering the world of work following the completion of a two-year degree.

As a Pro-Year student, students will enter the world of work and receive regular support and mentorship to develop their professional skills, identify personal goals and chart next steps to achieve them. For those seeking a position with a major employer, Lakeland will help students secure a position with one of LU’s premiere employers.

Over the course of a year, students will enter the world of work, earn eight experiential learning college credits and connect weekly with mentors and peers. Pro-Year allows students to keep academic momentum while learning in an informal educational setting.

Upon completion of Lakeland’s Pro-Year program, students will be eligible to receive a significant scholarship for future enrollment at Lakeland University.

Follow the link below to learn more about Lakeland’s innovative Pro-Year program and discover how Lakeland can help students identify next steps at a pace they are comfortable with, all while ensuring students don’t take on unnecessary student debt.