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Senior makes most of her Co-Op experiences

Senior makes most of her Co-Op experiences


Senior makes most of her Co-Op experiences

Lakeland senior Jazmine Tidwell was intrigued by the benefits of LU’s Cooperative Education program, and she’s taking full advantage of her Co-Op experiences.

A marketing major from Racine Wis., Tidwell has worked several professional job experiences and managed her finances because of Co-Op.

Her work experiences this year have included a variety of roles. This past summer, Tidwell lived on campus and was a special events intern for the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan.

“My favorite part of this experience was helping to open the Art Preserve and make connections with business owners who donated money,” she said.

Tidwell currently earns Co-Op credit through her server position at Taverne on Woodlake in Kohler. She also serves as a resident assistant for Lakeland.

“It’s been nice to be able to earn academic credit and make money at the same time,” Tidwell said.

When Tidwell was searching for a new position or needed some advice on her future, she visited the Career Readiness and Cooperative Education Team. She credits them in getting her foot in the door for her experiences.

She has also utilized Lakeland’s Financial Aid office and created a close bond with Laura Orth, associate director of financial aid, financial literacy & education. “She'll tell me about loans or new scholarship opportunities to help make sure I stay on the right track financially,” Tidwell said.

Along with the professional skills she’s acquired through Co-Op, Tidwell has meaningful experiences in the classroom. Her major includes a graphic design emphasis, and Tidwell applauded graphic design professor Monique Brickham. “Monique makes graphic design fun, and her courses are even more enjoyable when a professor like her loves what she does,” Tidwell said.

As she nears graduation, Tidwell recommends the current and prospective students take advantage of the Co-Op program.

“You learn so much and get a lot of great opportunities in the Sheboygan area,” she said. “I think it’s really cool that Lakeland has so many partnerships, and it opens up doors you didn't know you had access to.”

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