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Student showcase academic talent at Undergrad Research Day

Student showcase academic talent at Undergrad Research Day


Student showcase academic talent at Undergrad Research Day

Students showcased their academic talent as Lakeland University held its annual Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium on April 20.

The event is a celebration of academics that gives dozens of students in all the university’s academic programs an opportunity to discuss research they’ve conducted and major projects completed during this school year. No classes are held that day and students are invited to attend sessions and hear their peers present.

The day got started in the Bradley Theatre with keynote presentations from faculty about their research work. This year’s presenters were:

  • Associate Professor of Psychology Jessica Kalmar: “Can we Predict Adolescent Aggression?”
  • Associate Professor of Theatre and Speech Charlie Krebs: “The Way I Wrote Two Plays”
  • Professor of Computer Science Cynthia Lindstrom: “The Day in the Life of a Computer Scientist”
  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion Julie Mavity Maddalena: “Battling our Bodies: Roots, Impacts, and Solutions of Weight Stigma and Diet Culture”
  • Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry Jered McGivern: “Chemistry in a Glass: Be-Er”

Following the opening session there were two sessions of oral presentations by students, followed by a poster session. Here’s a complete list of the student-led presentations from the day:

Interdisciplinary Presentations

  • Madeline Buechel: “Understanding Dyslexia”
  • Samantha Butler: “Athletes and Mental Wellness”
  • Jessica Leicht: “Mental Health Stigma: Narratives through Animation”
  • Hunter Kuester: “Exploring the Effects of Varying Concentrations of Methylmercury and Selenium on the Growth of Brassica rapa
  • Olivia Lehman: “Catching Out”

Advanced Fiction/Creative Writing Readings

  • Marian Cramer: “Ocean Storm”
  • Christian Gartner: “The Pirate’s Life for Me?”
  • Tayler Otten: “The Lesson”
  • Darcyn Gross: “Oyster’s Graveyard”

Poster Sessions

  • IMSA charity BBQ marketing material design
    • Angela Carollo
    • Colton Roepke
    • Sam Walker
    • Yu Asano
  • Lemons on the links marketing material design
    • Austin McKay
    • Jessica Leicht
    • Matt Misheck
  • Pink lemonade 5K marketing material design
    • Heather Doherty
    • Nathalie Cairo
    • Zack Cotton
  • Demographic effects in Daphnia magna fed Chlamydomonas reinhardtii exposed to methylmercury and selenium: Hunter Kuester and Paul C. Pickhardt
  • Visions of the afterlife: ghosts, vampires, and us: Gabrielle L. Greetan, Nyah OdeKirk & Mikayla Petschar
  • Synthesizing perovskite solar cells: Kyle Reitmeier, Amelia Fitzsimmons & Jered McGivern
  • Biodiesel on fire: Maeve Sullivan, Brelynn Scoles & Jered McGivern
  • Aldol condensation: Skylar Hall, Roseily A. Carrasquillo Colón & Jered McGivern
  • Alcohol dehydration reaction: Gwynn Manteufel, Lilith Schlosser & Jered McGivern
  • What’s that smell? Zoe Schrameyer, Kaitlyn Zynda & Jered McGivern
  • The esterification of vegetable oil Dakota Fenn, Hunter Kuester, Gerardo Ibarra & Jered McGivern.
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