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Survey: LU accounting grads set up for success

Survey: LU accounting grads set up for success


Survey: LU accounting grads set up for success

Lakeland University’s accounting program continues to put its students on track to successful careers while helping them manage post-graduation debt.

In a survey of 28 recent Lakeland accounting program graduates who attended the main campus as full-time students, 12 of 27 (44%, one did not respond) reported graduating with zero student loan debt. The remaining students had a median post-graduation student loan debt of $11,000, well below Wisconsin's average of $31,894.

Additionally, 13 of the 28 graduates (46%) completed their bachelor’s degree in less than four years.

“We take pride in helping students graduate with as little student loan debt as possible while ​equipping them​ with an enviable skill set they have developed through our coursework and Cooperative Education roles with our partner companies,” said Lakeland Associate Professor of Accounting Brett Killion.

“As higher education continues to grapple with the student debt crisis, Lakeland is a frontrunner in devising programs and approaches that provide a high-quality education without contributing to the ever-growing student debt crisis.”

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