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Why do some athletes jump higher than others? Or run faster? How do catastrophic injuries take place and why? What are the best ways to prevent injuries? Recover from them? What traits do great high school coaches share? What are some best-practice methods of motivation?

Whether you're interested in the physiological aspects of physical activity, the psychological or business angles of sport or both, we have the major for you.

“At Lakeland University, this degree is unique,” says April Arvan, associate professor of exercise science. “With this degree in hand, you have the option to choose either the science field or the sport and athletic field. You can also couple this degree with others, such as business, for example, to really set yourself up for success.”

Choose Your Path

If you plan to enter fields such as rehabilitation, physical therapy, fitness club management or personal training, the exercise science is ideal.

If your goal is to coach sports in high school or college, the sport management and leadership major is the perfect fit. More information available here.

Either way, your exercise science major – with its broad curriculum – will give you a competitive edge as you pursue careers in movement-based fields.

“Really, the options are limitless depending on what a student's interest is at the sport level,” says Arvan.


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