Lakeland University Co-Op Benefits for Employers

Benefits for Employers

Lakeland University attracts some of the best and brightest students in the area, and Co-Op allows employers to hire young talent and “test drive” potential long-term hires. At a time when unemployment rates locally are low, Co-Op provides Lakeland's partners with a new source of employees to address staffing needs.

The Next Generation of Innovators

Become a Partner!

Lakeland University is very grateful for the support from the Sheboygan business community that has helped establish cooperative education. We continue to actively engage with these area businesses to develop the model and structure that prepares Lakeland students to enter the workforce. Our institute is always looking for new opportunities for our campus and students to become involved with local businesses! 

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Employer Partners Across Wisconsin

Employer partners from across the state of Wisconsin, and a wide variety of professional work environments and industries, are eagerly collaborating with Lakeland to hire well-prepared, highly motivated students.

No matter the pathway students choose, our Cooperative Education & Career Readiness team will help connect them with our powerful career network to land a job at one of the area's top companies.

Lakeland University thanks the following Co-Op founding business and networking partners. Click here to view a comprehensive list of all our recent partners that have employed our students

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