Organizational Leadership & Development at Lakeland University

Become A Leader Within The Workplace

Employers are increasingly looking for additional leadership skills for their employees. This program provides the opportunity for customized training and experiences to develop these skills. Designed for students who have completed an Associate Degree, this program is ideal for students looking to advance in their careers as a leader within the workplace.

Build Upon Your Expertise

Highly Customized Four-Year Degree

Your career and goals are unique. That’s why our program allows you to customize your degree within your core coursework and choose/design your own area of emphasis. This degree of customization will ensure your degree will reflect you – your journey, your strengths, your goals.

To focus your program, choose one of these three tracks to fit your personal and professional goals:

  • Communication & Team Dynamics
  • Teaching & Training
  • Business, Finance & Economics
Organizational Leadership & Development at Lakeland University

Areas of Emphasis:

Communication  |  Cooperative Education  |  Economics

Healthcare Management  |  Hospitality Management

Human Resource Management  |  Insurance  |  International Business

Nonprofit Management  |  Sport Management  |  Student-Designed  |  etc.

Organizational Leadership & Development at Lakeland University

Make Your Goals A Reality

Why Lakeland?

  • Transfer up to 90-credits
  • Graduate in as little as 18-months
  • 20% tuition discount to WTCS associate degree graduates
  • Flexible delivery formats (available 100% online)
  • Individualized advising and career development support
  • Award-winning Cooperative Education program allows students to earn college credit for professional work experiences
Organizational Leadership & Development at Lakeland University

Cooperative Education

Earn Class Credit For Current And/Or Prior Work Experiences

Lakeland University values the learning that happens in the workplace. Students can take advantage of Lakeland’s award-winning Cooperative Education program where students earn credit for the learning that takes place on the job. Opportunities also exist for students to earn Credit for Prior Learning for up to 10 credits for previous work experience.

Cooperative Education

Ready to move forward in your career? Lakeland University is the right choice for you. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

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