Organizational Management at Lakeland University

Build Upon Your Expertise

This unique program is offered to students who come to Lakeland having already completed an Associate Degree in a technical or highly specialized field at a two-year college or technical school.

Since associate degree holders have already received theoretical and practical information in a technical field, the organizational management major concentrates on a combination of liberal arts coursework and a core of business-related courses. These courses are selected to encourage the integration of skills, knowledge and values in methodical, rational approaches to problem solving.

Experienced Students

Choose Your Path

The program allows those experienced students to build upon their expertise by adding a full range of business, accounting, and economics courses. With the "management side" of their specialty completed, students can graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in specialized administration that references their specific field.

Experiential Education

Earn Class Credit for Work Experience

Traditional Students (Main Campus): Lakeland's Cooperative Education program will provide 12-18 months of full-time work experience, academic credit for their work, and a combination of scholarships and wages that will significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt.

Kellett School (Evening/Online): Earn academic credit toward your degree on the job – without stepping footing a traditional classroom! Whether it’s projects you’re already doing or much-needed tasks your boss doesn’t have time for – only Lakeland lets you earn academic credit for real-time work projects.

Experiential Education

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