Psychology at Lakeland University

Deeper Insight

Psychology is a broad discipline that employs the methods of scientific inquiry as it observes, describes, and explores the brain's role in emotion, thought, and behavior.

A Broad Discipline

Think Critically and Creatively

Students enrolled in Lakeland's Psychology program are called upon to think critically and creatively as they examine how organisms adapt to their surroundings through biological, social, emotional, perceptual, and cognitive capacities. Students learn to become clear communicators, attentive listeners, and dynamic problem solvers.

A Lakeland University alum listens to a patient.
A Lakeland University alum practices law.

A Wide Range of Career Options

Preparing For Your Goals

An undergraduate degree in Psychology will prepare students for careers in human services as well as for graduate school programs in psychology, counseling, social work, or law.

A Lakeland University co-op student poses in front of the Osthoff Resort.

Experiential Education

Apply Your Studies

Psychology students enrolled in Lakeland's traditional program on the main campus have the ability to gain 12-18 months of full-time work experience and academic credit for their work through our Cooperative Education program. A combination of scholarships and wages will help significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt

Cooperative Education

Do you enjoy thinking critically and creatively? Then Psychology at Lakeland University is the program for you. Contact us for more information.

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