Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

Lakeland University is committed to the challenging and essential work of justice and equity. Justice and equity work at Lakeland aims to promote and foster an environment that supports diversity and inclusion for our students, faculty and staff with particular attention to those who have been traditionally marginalized based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, gender identity, religion, body size, nation of origin, immigration status and ability. Our commitment to justice and equity is deeply rooted in Lakeland’s mission and values and our United Church of Christ heritage. This includes appreciation of differing backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints and promotion and development of social justice initiatives. These initiatives include paying attention to policies and practices involving management, leadership, communication, resources, scholarship, classrooms, curriculum and community. It attends to the broader community of Sheboygan County, promoting justice and equity through relationships, leadership and educational resources. We recognize that this work is difficult and invite from one another both compassion and accountability, as together we learn and grow in our witness to equity, inclusion and justice.

Student Diversity, Equity & Belonging Initiatives

The purpose of the Lakeland University's Student Diversity, Equity & Belonging Initiatives team is: to facilitate an inclusive environment where all students feel they belong; to provide educational opportunities that promote healthy dialogue regarding race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, class, and other differences; to guide the Lakeland community to a better understanding and respect of cultural differences and the importance behind them; and to advocate for the underrepresented and assist those who feel led to speak out.

Student Diversity, Equity & Belonging Initiatives
Students at Multicultural Affairs event

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committees

Lakeland University educates individuals of diverse backgrounds, preparing them to think critically, to communicate effectively, to succeed professionally, and to lead ethical, purposeful and fulfilling lives. Rooted in the values of the United Church of Christ, Lakeland integrates the liberal arts and experiential learning to develop the whole person for success in a dynamic, multi-faceted world.

To make certain we deliver on that mission - Lakeland has formed two committees to review policies and procedures to ensure we are fully supporting diversity and inclusion, while also serving our students and one another in ways that best embody our mission and values.


The Committee on Mission and Equity (CME) reviews institutional policies, procedures and practices of our community life, and collaborates inclusively on the challenging and essential work of justice and equity across the university, to ensure that we are serving one another and our students in ways that best embody our Mission and Values.

  1. Review and propose revisions to institutional policies, procedures and practices of our community life, such as disciplinary procedures, grievance policy, hiring practices, onboarding practices, separation practices, handbooks, housing arrangements, and facilities.
  2. Review and propose revisions to institutional documents to ensure the use of language respecting the diversity of our community members.
  3. Train and authorize members to serve on grievance committee.
  4. In consultation with the Ombuds and others, Identify DEIB strengths, issues and opportunities within all aspects of Lakeland University, and propose actions to empower growth and change.
  5. Work with the Director of Mission & Equity, the Director of the Ulrich Center, and Human Resources in order to resource professional and curricular development, and support community initiatives, that provide students, faculty, and staff with a foundation for increasing intercultural competence and equity across campus.
  6. Anticipate and respond to acute issues and needs, whether local, national, or international.

Current members

    • University President: Beth Borgen
    • Director of the Ulrich Center: Julie Mavity Maddalena
    • Director of Mission & Equity: Flossie Siebert
    • Chaplain-Ethicist: Julie Mavity Maddalena
    • HR Representatives: Jim Jones, Corissa Elfrid
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Ulrich Center at Lakeland University

Ulrich Center at Lakeland University

Explore Faith, Ethics, and Social Justice

The Ulrich Center is committed to engaging diverse voices and contexts as it preserves the integrity and value of everyone's equitable access to the resources needed to thrive and be a faithful steward of God's Creation.

Lakeland University offers the Ulrich Scholars Program which provides one full-tuition scholarship and up to nine $20,000 renewable scholarships per year for incoming students who are interested in exploring the intersections of faith, ethics and social justice. The goal of the program is primarily two-fold: to strengthen Lakeland’s religion program and to create additional opportunities for our students and other community members to engage in social justice initiatives.

Ulrich Center
Ulrich Scholars Program

Chaplain’s Office

Moral & Spiritual Growth

At Lakeland University, we are committed not only to academic growth, but also to moral and spiritual growth. Religious and spiritual life activities at Lakeland are designed to create a safe place for students to grow in faith, encounter new religious traditions, and even ask questions about their own faith. The Office of the Chaplain is committed to respecting and supporting all spiritual and religious traditions represented on Lakeland's campus. Lakeland is the perfect place to explore your faith and nurture your spiritual life.

Ley Chapel

They Ley Chapel, built in 1971, has been a home for Spiritual Life activities for more than four decades. This space belongs to the community, as such, it is open an available for your use from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily. You are welcome to use the sanctuary for personal prayer, devotion, and reflection. In addition, an interfaith prayer room is adjacent to the sanctuary and available for all students. Should you wish to reserve the sanctuary, interfaith prayer room of the lower level of Ley Chapel for a small group, meeting or service please contact  Alli Vanstelle at 920-565-1000 ext. 2621, or by email at VanstelleAK@lakeland.edu to check availability for specific dates.

Spiritual & Religious Life
Reserve Ley Chapel
Ley Chapel
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