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Launch Develops Employee Onboarding Process

Launch Develops Employee Onboarding Process


Launch Develops Employee Onboarding Process

Launch: Lakeland Student-Run Businesses held a town hall event for its student employees on April 14.

Launch strives to provide experiential learning opportunities to help prepare Lakeland students for diverse careers.

The event was held to inform employees about the five businesses that Launch operates. Launch student executives discussed expectations and development skills they want employees to learn in their positions. Launch’s culture is focused on six different learning approaches: ownership, growth opportunities, schedule flexibility, collaboration, feedback and communication.

Launch’s Chief Marketing Officer, Riley Jahnke, said, “Onboarding is an important part of building Launch’s culture especially with our employees being hired for a variety of positions that require different responsibilities. At our core, these are key skills employers will be looking for in the hiring process. By developing them in our employees, our businesses can continue to thrive.”

Learning opportunities like the town hall event allow Launch to excel in providing an entrepreneurial approach to learning for students.

One of the most valued skillsets Launch strives to implement is feedback. Launch views constructive feedback to team members as a helpful tool to improve the overall quality of work that’s completed. Providing feedback and suggestions from a different perspective is one of the ways Launch employees can grow in their position.

The student-run businesses began in 2020 and will be celebrating its two-year anniversary this May. Launch’s businesses continue to provide positions that allow Lakeland students to pursue their career goals.

Students looking to develop a well-rounded skill set that today’s employers are seeking should apply to become a Launch team member. To learn more about Launch and its employees, visit Launch’s website.