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New Lakeland, Sheboygan Schools agreement benefits local students, teachers

New Lakeland, Sheboygan Schools agreement benefits local students, teachers


New Lakeland, Sheboygan Schools agreement benefits local students, teachers

The Sheboygan Area School District (SASD) and Lakeland University have signed an innovative agreement that expands access to free college-level coursework to eligible SASD students and teachers.

SASD students can graduate simultaneously with a high school diploma and a Lakeland Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree, making them eligible to transfer to Lakeland – as well as other universities – as a junior.

SASD students will have free access to Lakeland Concurrent Academic Progress Program (CAPP) courses, which provide high school and college credits simultaneously.

As a part of the agreement, Lakeland also will provide curriculum to align with Academic and Career Planning (ACP) content. This curriculum will deepen student learning within ACP experiences for SASD students while providing the opportunity for students to earn college credit for this required work.

Additionally, SASD students can earn up to 15 credits for workplace learning through Lakeland’s Cooperative Education program, and those credits apply to their Lakeland associate degree. They also can apply elective courses related to their academic and professional interests, including options in business and technology, education and world languages.

SASD students can also enroll in open Lakeland courses either in-person on campus or online during the fall, spring or summer terms in consultation with SASD and Lakeland administration.

The agreement also gives SASD students free access to Lakeland academic advising and financial aid planning services, official copies of Lakeland transcripts and access to Lakeland athletic and fine arts events at its main campus.

Lakeland will serve as SASD’s exclusive associate degree provider as part of the three-year agreement.

“We understand that colleges need to evolve to meet the needs of students, their families and the community,” said Lakeland President Beth Borgen. “SASD has been a great partner for Lakeland for many years, and as we talked about expanding our relationship, it made sense for Lakeland to make a significant investment in their students and teachers.

“We are working hard to remove barriers for young people to access college. Our Cooperative Education program rewards the learning that happens in the workplace. This agreement is an extension of our philosophy and mission, and we hope this partnership becomes a model for signing similar agreements with other school districts.”

“We are excited and appreciative about the ability to expand our working relationship with Lakeland University to provide significant educational benefits to our students and employees,'' said SASD Superintendent Seth Harvatine. “The goal of the Sheboygan Area School District is to prepare students for the next step in their self-defined career pathway. This partnership with Lakeland will offer students a number of impressive resources including the ability to take free Lakeland CAPP classes and earn an associate degree in high school at no cost to students and their families.”

SASD teachers will also gain access to free Lakeland credits as part of the agreement. SASD teachers can take up to 15 credits of coursework through Lakeland’s Teacher Development Institute, which helps teachers access professional development and complete coursework toward a master of education degree.

SASD teachers need 18 credits of master’s coursework in their content area in order to teach dual-credit courses, and this agreement allows SASD teachers free access to complete that coursework and earn dual-credit teaching credentials.

Lakeland will also provide access for up to five teachers to all coursework leading to a master of education with an education policy and pedagogy concentration. Teachers can tailor the program’s tutorial courses to address issues and topics specific to the SASD’s teaching and learning environment.

Additionally, any paid SASD staff member or a paid staff member’s immediate family member will receive a 20% discount off tuition for undergraduate coursework and a 10% tuition discount for graduate coursework through LU’s Kellett School. Entrance fees for any professional development or diversity training opportunities will be waived for SASD employees.

“This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for our employees to access free or low-cost coursework to develop and grow their skills,” said Harvatine. “We want to support our employees in their pursuit of life-long learning, which is not only personally fulfilling, but also continues to build the Sheboygan Area School District’s long-standing tradition of providing high quality instruction and support to all students.

“As SASD teachers look to expand their knowledge base, we’re pleased to be able to offer them several no-cost options,” Borgen said. “The work teachers do every day is so important, and this is a way for us to help ensure SASD continues to recruit and retain teachers who are preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

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