Lakeland University Traditional Financial Aid

Traditional Undergraduate Financial Aid

Lakeland is committed to providing exceptional value at a manageable cost. Each student comes to college with a different set of financial circumstances. We consider every possible funding source to address your unique situation and fill in any gaps with a range of grants, loans, scholarships, and other financial aid solutions.

Financial Aid Counseling

Here to Support You

At Lakeland, we offer college financial planning where we provide students with one-on-one support, so they can learn how to manage their Cooperative Education and employment earnings and better plan for their financial future. Meet with our financial aid counselors to explore your financial aid potential at Lakeland!

Lakeland Financial Aid Counselors

Financial Aid Options

Change your mind about the cost of college! Lakeland University offers several different options and methods for obtaining financial aid for your tuition costs! 

You may pay prior to each term or divide your out-of-pocket expenses into three equal payments throughout the semester.

Undergraduate and Graduate financial aid is available to eligible students who are accepted as a degree-seeking student and enrolled at least half-time status (six credits per semester).

Lakeland provides cooperative education opportunities with local employers to students attending the main campus. Through the co-op scholarship and wages earned working, students can pay for school while earning valuable professional work experience to prepare for post-graduation employment.

We encourage you to seek Lakeland University scholarships and outside scholarships to help meet your educational costs.

Some employers offer tuition reimbursement as a benefit for the professional development of their employees.

Lakeland University is State Agency Approved to certify all types of military benefits.

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