BlendEd Education

Convenience & Flexibility Designed For the Working Adult

Lakeland University offers degree programs for the working adult. Business trip next week? Kids’ soccer tournament?  Need to stay late to finish a project? Life has a way of altering “normal” weekly routines and interfering with regularly scheduled class times.

You can always change your BlendEd schedule and choose the best way for you to complete class that week.

There's more than one way to get an education, and Lakeland offers them all. With seven centers around the state of Wisconsin, combined with the remarkable learning opportunity, BlendEd, Lakeland offers the most flexible and convenient way to earn a degree -- on your terms and anywhere you want to learn!

Options That Work For You

Onsite or Online (BlendEd)

Physically attend classes in person just one night per week, or participate online - the choice is yours each week, no notice required!

Online learning lets you attend class when it's convenient for you. Participate in an interactive online discussion board at midnight. Read through course material on your lunch hour. Complete assignments before your commute to work. Take exams after dinner. It’s all a matter of time - yours!

A Wi-Fi Signal Away

BlendEd *LIVE*

You are an internet connection or smart phone signal away from joining a class; wherever you are! Using your laptop, phone, or tablet, you can participate in a live class. You’ll follow the instructor’s presentation, use live audio or chatroom to answer or ask questions, and be part of the real-time classroom dynamic. 

Lakeland's live courses are also digitally video-recorded and available when you can or want to access them.

Adult student watching live BlendEd class on a laptop in his bed.