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Lakeland’s academic majors are spread across three schools, and all three have plans in place to deliver cooperative education experiences to students.

J. Garland Schilcutt School of Business & Entrepreneurship

  • The faculty in this school excel at preparing students for their careers after graduation. The majors within this school offer practical, career-based skill development within a liberal arts environment that teaches students the soft skills that today’s employers are consistently seeking.

School of Science, Technology & Education

  • Faculty within the School of Science, Technology and Education are focused on asking ‘How’:
    • How do we understand ourselves?
    • How do we think and act?
    • How do we problem solve?
    • How do we learn?
    • How do we teach others?
    • How do we teach machines to think?
    • How do we fit in society?
    • How do we evolve?
  • Our students pursue the answers to these questions by diving in and getting their feet wet through real-world, experiential learning!

School of Humanities & Fine Arts

  • Finding success in our modern world – more global and digital every day– requires one to be analytically nimble, critical in mind and creative in spirit, a savvy communicator and deeply understanding of the complex human experience. The programs in the School of Humanities & Fine Arts prepare students in these ways and for this rapidly changing world.

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