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Express yourself! Whether it's through acting, stage management, costume design, scenery creation or lighting design and control, there's a place for you on the Lakeland University theatre team.

Twice a year – fall and spring – our theatre department produces a major production for the Lakeland community to enjoy. These productions, which involve five to eight weeks of preparation, have varied from classics like "Romeo and Juliet" to musicals like "Chicago" and comedies and dramas.

Performances take place at the on-campus 500-seat Bradley Theatre – which features a 40-foot-wide and 40-foot-deep stage and a full orchestra pit.

"We have a lot of people that come from high school who are very interested in doing theatre, and when they come here they say, 'I always wanted to do shows but I never really did when I was in high school, and I'd like to give it a try while I'm in college," says Charlie Krebs, associate professor of theatre and speech. "We really like to give all students the opportunity to be a part of what we do."

Have fun; earn credits

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Every spring, Krebs teaches an acting class for students with all levels of acting experience. These students are given the chance to perform in front of classmates and other live audiences. There's a stagecraft class, in which students design, build and eventually break down sets. And there's a general theatre class, which involves all facets of putting on a production.

"The thing that excites me most is when a student has an idea, and then that idea comes into living color on the stage," says Krebs. "To watch the excitement in their eyes or hear them tell their parents or friends that was their idea … that's terribly exciting."


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