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Whether your career goal is to sing or play an instrument for a living, or to someday teach others the magic of music, Lakeland's all-encompassing program provides a tremendous environment for musical growth and fulfillment.

Here at Lakeland, we take an interest in every individual, and we take the time to find out where their strengths and interests are. We help direct them, facilitate their growths in those areas and prepare them for their profession.

Educate or perform

Lakeland's music program is divided into two primary parts – the education emphasis and the performance emphasis. True to Lakeland's penchant for developing well-rounded students, however, students are encouraged to study more than one emphasis.

All students take the core music theory and history courses, so they're well-grounded as they delve into strengthening their singing or playing talents.

Here at Lakeland, all students receive private lessons, one-on-one, whether it's instrument or voice. Basically, we will build your skills in all areas, then kind of specialize in the areas each student is most interested in. We have such a varsity of offerings and such flexibility, we can meet a lot of needs.

Music at Lakeland

Students who major in music will be able to:

  • perform to an appropriate level of mastery, either in voice or instrument
  • lead an ensemble effectively
  • use the piano as a professional tool
  • identify significant dates, composers, pieces, genres and styles in regard to music history
  • use the theoretical language of music for the composition of and analysis of musical pieces
  • teach music
  • demonstrate behaviors and aptitudes for professional success

Note: Piano Performance and Pedagogy emphasis within the Music major and Church Music minor will be available to existing declared majors and/or minors only.

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