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You want to go to college, but you’re not sure what to major in. That’s OK. You’re far from alone.

Many high school graduates are just like you – interested in pursuing a college education but undecided on a major. Here at Lakeland University, we’ll be right by your side while you discover your interests and explore potential careers. There’s no rush to make a decision on your major. We are committed to helping you choose your direction – at a pace you’re completely comfortable with.

“Some schools want you to have everything figured out at 17 or 18, in some cases before you’ve even set foot on campus,” says Joshua Kutney, Assistant Professor of Composition at Lakeland. “But at Lakeland, we know that’s not always the case. We support that important time of exploration that many students need.”

Experience various disciplines

During your first year at Lakeland, academic advisors like Kutney will be working closely with you to help you make a decision on a major. By the second year, students have a pretty good idea what they want to major in.

“But it’s not an ultimatum,” Kutney stresses. “By then, we’ve really connected with you and we’ve exposed you to different courses and ideas. We’re not going to twist your arm, but most students have decided by the beginning of their sophomore year what direction they’d like to go.”

While you’re figuring out which academic path you’d like to take, you’ll continue to strengthen your core competencies in areas such as communication, critical thinking and problem solving. That’s the foundation of our liberal arts approach to education, and it’s important to employers.


Undecided at Lakeland

The young man’s name is Adam, and his story is not uncommon. The first time he approached Kutney for guidance, during enrollment, Adam had no idea what academic path he wanted to travel down.

“He asked me if I could help him pick the easiest classes,” recalls Kutney. “I said to him, ‘Young man, there are no more easy classes.’ His mother and father chuckled, and they appreciated that I had let their son know expectations at Lakeland are high.”

Kutney worked closely with Adam, who began his journey as an undecided student before choosing a criminal justice major. Four years after that initial meeting, Adam visited Kutney in his office – to say thanks and goodbye. Adam was graduating.

“He had really excelled, and he was wearing a tie when he visited me,” Kutney recalls. “He had really grown, in an environment where people took his learning seriously and provided him with support in a safe, nurturing environment. He had really blossomed.”

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