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October 10, 2014 In Lakeland University Blog
Charlie Krebs, Lakeland’s enthusiastic associate professor of theatre and speech, recently shared some of his acting expertise with students at Plymouth High School. Krebs spent a couple of hours at the high school, demonstrating the art of theatrical sword fighting to students who are preparing for their fall play, “Robin Hood: The Courtship of Allan A’Dale.” “It’s really a lot of fun to visit a high school and work with all of these great kids,” said Krebs, who has attended…
October 8, 2014 In Lakeland University Blog
Jenny Kjin was heartbroken. When you’re in second grade, there’s something particularly devastating about watching your mom sob. Especially when it’s over you. “She was bawling,” Jenny recalls. “They had tested everything – my hearing, my reading, my writing – and when we came in for the results, they said I had severe dyslexia.” Jenny and her mother, Elaine Schenk, were told Jenny might never read at above an elementary school level. Dyslexia is a lifelong learning disorder that can…
October 7, 2014 In Lakeland University Blog
As a Lakeland College student, 2014 graduate Tyler Holman exceled in multiple disciplines of art. His amazing work included sculpting, painting with oils and acrylics, drawing with graphite and charcoal, photography, graphic design and much, much more. Tyler’s capstone senior exhibit was a spectacular display of artistic diversity, and his website,, showcases this vast talent. “I’m always looking for opportunities to explore new experiences,” Tyler says. Indeed, since he graduated in May, Tyler has branched out in many different,…
October 6, 2014 In Lakeland University Blog
When Pablo Palacios and Josh Reynders graduate from Lakeland College in December, both will have computer science degrees and full-time positions at one of the fastest-growing, most successful companies in the Midwest. Based on their stellar work during a summer internship program at ACUITY, the two seniors were offered computer programmer jobs at the highly acclaimed Sheboygan, Wis.-based insurance company. They’ll begin shortly after graduation. “I think ACUITY will continue to have a great source of talent as it keeps…
September 25, 2014 In Lakeland University Blog
Lakeland’s recent “Virtual Party at the President’s House” was informative and educational, and dealt with extremely difficult subject matter. “It made me uncomfortable,” one male student said after watching the skits that were part of the program, prompting several other students to quietly nod their heads in agreement. The event, which culminated nearly six months of planning by Lakeland College graduate hall director Amanda Farrar, featured a “virtual house party” with six skits presented in various rooms of the President’s…

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